Curtain equipment, Wuxi of the curtains Equipment Co., Ltd.


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            Home | Bookmark | Sitemap   Hello, welcome to visit Wuxi City Yeda Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd.!

            Industry of mechanical and electronic well-known enterprises at home and abroad for many years of cooperation

              Recommended Products
              铝合金百叶窗帘制造机 中空内置百叶窗帘制造机 其他窗帘制造机配套设备
              Because professional - so rest assured

              "Because professional - so rest assured"

              I am the Purchasing Manager of Jiangsu Yaqi, very grateful to the total service of the industry machinery and electronics Co., Ltd., for us to explain the use of product equipment

              Industry of professional product quality

              "Industry of professional product quality"

              Hunan Xianglian Group is a professional manufacturer of shutter doors and windows, shade products and tubular motor and peripheral control system. The first registered capital

              patent certificate
              patent certificate
              patent certificate
              patent certificate
              About Us
              Wuxi City Yeda Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd.

               Wuxi City of Industry Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2004 in Wuxi National Hi-tech Development Zone Science and Technology Park, is the earliest professional development, design, manufacture curtains automation equipment of high-tech production enterprises. A number of technical inventions have been patented by the state.Since the development of the first 100-curtain machine in 2004,the company's products with advanced, reliable, user-friendly features,

              Wuxi City of Industry Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd
              Contact: Qian Chengyu
              Mobile: 139-6181-2561
              Tel: 086-510-85223270
              Fax: 086-510-85223273
              Address: No.29, B District, Famous Development Zone, Wuxi City

              Curtain equipment assembly area technology display
              Product assembly area display
              Product assembly area display
              Product Molding Area Display Example
              Product Molding Area Display Example
              Sales network display
              Sales network display
              Factory style show
              Factory style show


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